1. How long does it take to receive my coins?

2. I don't get my coins in time, why?

3. How to switch user on your console and how to transfer coins between 2 accounts?

4. How to get the Origin security code via email?

5. How to change the password of an account?

6. I want to buy FIFA 18 coins via 'Comfort Trade', but I forgot the FUT Security Answer. What to do?

7. Is it safe to give you my account information to buy FIFA 17 coins via 'Comfort Trade'? Will I lose any player in my account?

8. What's 'Player Auction'? How does it work??

9. Is your website legal?

10. I paid for my order with E-check, why I didn't get my coins yet?

11. Why is verification required? Can I get my coins without verification?

12. Can I pay with gift card?

13. How can I pay with Master Card?

14. Can I get a refund and how?

15. Why I cannot place an order via Comfort Trade?